Is your phone on or off?

by Amr Ismail

Lunch time sex, is it for you?

Do you sometimes have lunchtime sex? Do you get a kick out of doing it? And can’t you resist saying no to it if you already have a partner who is unaware or suspicious of your habit?

Then be on the lookout for simple tips to help you evade your partner’s suspicion, especially if your lunchtime is long enough, like two or three hours. Here is some advice you should follow:


Turn off your mobile during that time. This is a common habit of working sex girls that most men know about and it will put you in a lot of trouble. Usually, of course, if anyone has a business meeting or lunch with a friend or associate, they never turn off their mobile phone, because it is common that lunchtime is popular to make or receive personal or professional calls when out of the office. Also, there can be no explanation for turning off the phone, especially if you do it only during lunchtime, not before and not after; because it is a clear sign that you need total privacy or you are in an intimate moment with someone, which can only mean that you probably having sex out of the office.

Be stupid. If you realize that your regular partner tried to contact you during lunchtime while your phone is turned off, you can’t pretend to have lunch with a friend or colleague because generally people are expected to keep their phone turned on during lunchtime, and may be not much during certain working hours while they are busy. So you have to come up with a hell of an explanation for why the phone was turned off, which in most cases won’t bode well with your regular partner.

Give your partner a naive explanation like the battery went dead, or there was a problem with the phone, especially if you had no apparent problem with the phone before or after lunchtime. If you contact your partner right after you had sex, and after realizing that he had been trying to call you all during the lunchtime, then you are confirming that there is really no problem with the phone, so don’t use that excuse because it is totally outdated and laughable. Today, nobody really stays with the phone off that long during the day.

Show your partner in the morning before you go to work what underpants you are wearing, for example, a red sexy underwear that he doesn’t see you wear often.

Show your partner that you are nervous as you prepare to go to work in the morning, as this can be a sign that you are expecting something ambiguous to do during the day.

So, if all the above points happen, then you’re definitely involved in an intimate sexual moment with someone, and surely there is a reason you do so.


Try contacting your partner in the morning before lunchtime, just to say anything, in order to rest your mind that he will not try to contact you during lunchtime.

Tell him you have been experiencing many work problems recently, and that can explain why your mind is busy or why you are sometimes nervous before you go to work.

Tell him you had an unexpected business meeting. If you always have a habit to be home during lunchtime, and he is sure that you were not home during that day, then you are in trouble, especially with your phone off for two or three hours. In any case, having a business or a friendly lunch with someone is no excuse at all to have your phone off.

Pretend to be angry with him for insisting to know where you really were.

Call him in the afternoon to sense his feelings towards you if you feel trouble.

So, if you do all of that you may evade suspicion, but that is not for certain, as men do feel very well when a partner is cheating, especially if he is an intimate and close partner.

My advice to you when your partner is sure in his mind and heart that you’ve been having sex with someone during lunchtime, is to be frank and open with him about why you did it, and how you two can move on from there to reconcile the situation, otherwise he will either immediately breaks off the relationship or will always be suspicious of your behaviour which eventually breaks down the relationship. Certainly you have your reasons to have sex during lunchtime with that someone, so open up to your partner, and don’t be afraid of losing him. Good men prefer this kind of honesty and admission, instead of having to live with suspicion all the time. Your partner knows you well, and knows about your sex appetite and habits, he may also be the kind of man who knows by experience how these things work and why, so never underestimate his knowledge of sex games or quick sexual arrangements. Good men usually apply patience and use time and tricks wisely to find out the real story behind the mask. If you have been experiencing a great deal of suspicion by your partner recently, then you should know that he will do everything to uncover the truth about you, including tracking your movements, which is so easy to do these days with the available technology, especially if he is technology savvy.

Be frank and take your risk, explain yourself truthfully, or you will never have peace of mind with your partner. If you believe it is too late for you to cover your tracks, then don’t dig a bigger hole and be honest with him.